Darwersi (a Darwinian Reversi)

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Do you prefer to play Black or White?

Darwersi distributed computation effort

Why do I need your help?

Darwersi's AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the result of a darwinian evolution that needs to run a long time before managing to select a really good brain. If you look at what took place on earth, you should realize this kind of algorithm may take ages to complete. This process is very efficient but is also CPU greedy and my home p150 is obviously too slow for that challenge.
If you start a dwslave on your computer it will be used by Darwersi to play reversi matches between brains. After some fights the weakest brains are thrown away and the winners gain the right to mate. Some new brains hatch and the process starts over. If you listen carrefully you may hear the noise of battle raging in your box...

Current results

The new AI selection is ready to start. One or two more weeks of night work and I should be ready for a new big bang. You will soon find here some stats on evolution progress.


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